6 thoughts on “Contact Stephen James”

  1. Hi Stephen how are you? My son is 17 he has just started yr 12 he has always had a passion for art, he would love to be a art teacher but he feels he could benefit from lessons before the HSC i was hoping you had weekend or after school lessons. Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    I’m sure your son would benefit from some art tuition outside the schoolI have tutored quite a number of High school students and unfortunately the system is not geared to teaching creativity and basic artist’s skills.I don’t have regular ofter school or weekend classes, but I can do private or small group Saturday workshop sessions. I have had a number of inquiries regarding this by people of various ages and I could certainly organise something.Please call me on 0412560594 if you would like to discuss this option further.
    Best Regards Steve

  3. Stephen, do you still do your workshops with drawing and music/dancing? we attended one at the Golden door and loved it. If so how much and do you come to Melbourne?

  4. Hi Melinda, I’m glad you enjoyed your Golden Door art experience. I sorry I am not doing the art workshops anymore. I am doing PHD research on my teaching method and some limited teaching. I still do small private groups at the Branxton Inn Art.If you are ever visiting our vineyards again please let me know if you like to try some more arty dancing.
    Best regards

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